Full Body Massage Centre In Anna Nagar

Full Body Massage Centre in Anna Nagar

Designed For Excelling and Geared To Regale the Senses!

Visit the best full body massage centre in Anna Nagar Chennai to rejuvenate and regale your body, mind, and senses. Spa Influence is a luxurious destination that spares no effort in revitalizing your senses-the sights, the aromas & ambiance, textures, and the overall atmosphere is all designed with the foremost objective of soothing and nurturing your body & mind providing a sense of well-being. We have a team of trained staff who are well-versed in all aspects of body care and body massage services and can be considered the wizards of rejuvenation.

Best spa services at your fingertips now! Search our website now! We provide wide-ranging full body massage and skincare treatments suitable to individual client needs keeping pace with contemporary standards.

What We Offer


Pamper your body, soul, and senses with holistic massage therapies that enhance and uplift your physical, mental & emotional sates contributing to your overall wellbeing.


Detox Polish- A hydrating body scrub that nourishes and tones up the texture for the smooth and sculpted skin. Applying various essential oils and moisturizers would nourish your skin and mind in a great way.


Manicure & pedicure is a type of wellness therapy to ease the tissue of the hands and feet. They benefit us by keeping hands and feet look young. This delivers us smooth and soft skin despite the effect of harsh winter.


The facial is a family of skin care and face treatments that includes steam, exfoliation (physical & chemical), extraction, creams & lotions, facial masks, peels, and massages. It will tone up face skin.

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